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Why do our campaigns
meet such a success ?

LIIINKS stands out with software programs boasting a record of optimization level.

  • InTarget enables us to target, via algorithms, instagramers most likely to create a trend in a community with your products..
  • InOptimal determines the most opportune time to publish a picture of your product for each instagramer in order to maximize the level of interactions.
  • InData helps us deliver you reporting so that you may analyze your campaign outcomes and measure the impact.


Why launch a recommendation campaign on Instagram ?

Recommendation is the best medium in marketing. Indeed, according to Nielson, 83% of consumers in the world say they trust viral medias such as word of mouth, recommendations from the family or a third party, more than any other form of communication.

Instagram Instagram is the most suitable social network for word of mouth communication due to its level of engagement much higher than its principal competitors:

  • 60 times more than Facebook
  • 100 times more than Twitter

Instagram is as such the most reliable and viral network.

These two levers allow us to increase sales while controlling acquisition costs.

Liiinks publicité sur instagram
Liiinks publicité sur instagram

What kind of collaboration with our instagramers ?

We offer simple and efficient services for your campaigns:

  • Content Creation.
  • Events Participative events
  • Creative partnerships